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Hillside Loft wins “19” first Vinnie Torres and Mike Laurie of Hoboken, NJ. win 19 first 1996 young birds “We followed Sampson Brothers system to the letter”

Greg Ziliox Loft came from the bottom to the top, out of nowhere using Sampson Brothers Light System and Peeters system. Greg’s is the loft to beat now, every week he has drops of 6 to 12 birds and more.

Joseph Barone Loft “Living off the line of flight, Sampson Brothers Light System gave us the edge to win 7 out of 10 YB races and the top 10 Champion birds. One flyer in our club flew the dark system the last two years, we beat him hands down”

Jim Bonelli Loft “Only one guy beat me and my Dark system consistently all season and he used the Light System, I will definitely use the Light System next season. I bought your video but choose to fly the dark system, he made me a believer in your Light System”

We have many more, these are just a few of our favorites. Many “new” flyers starting off with the Light System their first season, went immediately to the top, Beating the more experienced and seasoned flyers with no problems.


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