Sampson Brothers Race Loft

Four race sections in front, hallway, 3 breeding sections, grain room, 30 X 12 aviary in rear (not shown in photo) Overall dimensions of the loft are approximately 36 X 35.

There are four race sections, 2 for widowhood cocks, 2 for YB's, after old birds season YB's get all 4 race sections, widowhood cocks are moved to aviary for resting, breeder hens are also put in aviary when breeding season is finished.  Breeder cocks remain in stock sections.

We also have a holding aviary not shown where extra birds and late hatches can be kept if needed.

Ventilation: Controlled by two attic fans, individual sections have exhaust fans and 2 Gable fans.  Air enters through soffet vents and Jalousie windows.  The Gable fans are thermostatically controlled, others are manual.  Air is purified by large commercial 3 stage airzonator and  ionizer.

Gable vents are equipped with thermostatically controlled exhaust
fans to control loft temperature.

Mirrors: Are on the roof to deter hawks, but I question their effectiveness, if anything the birds can see these from a distance on sunny race days

Mirrors on roof are to help prevent hawk attacks.

Lighting: All lights are on timers.

Heat: Loft is heated with electric floor heat, and cove heaters mounted near the ceiling.

Strobe Lights: Are mounted on either end of the loft roof, these aid in helping youngsters that are scared off by hawks find their way back to the loft.  they are very effective in reducing losses from the loft when settling youngsters.

Strobe lights on roof are an aid in preventing losses when
settling youngsters.

The loft is fitted with 12 electronic stalls, wired to 3 Tauris Electronic clocks, two race clocks, one for each club and a Data clock that records all birds that are raced or trained that day. All race and training data is fed from the clocks to a computer. All training and race data are automatically recorded and stored in the computer to create evaluation reports for future use.

Three TauRIS Electronic Clocks are attached to twelve stalls for
timing in arrivals.

All sections have small sliding doors to move birds from one section to another, all birds are basketted through small doors near floor to the outside so there is no need to chase them around the loft to basket. .

Old birds are flown on traditional Widowhood, cocks only. Young birds are flown on separated system and a few young cocks are flown on true Widowhood. Of course the “Light System” is used for Young birds. We keep 36 Widowhood cocks, 100 Young birds, and 25 pair of Breeders. 


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