My transportation in Belgium.

David Sampson at the Great Wall of China.

The Vegas Connection! Having a good time at Vegas and the "Snowbird" Rear Row: Stuart Chu, Tom Fahmie, Eric Gioiosa.
Front Row: Jimmy Kiernan, John Sampson, Ray Torres and Nick Francisco.

My transportation in China.

Gomaire Verbruggan, Vivian Ho and I at Tainanmen Square. Behind us stands the Imperial Palace, Beijing China.

My good friend Dexter Wong and I at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei, Taiwan.

Edward Chien of Taipei and myself. 
A good friend for over 28 years.

James Ho and I, Shanghai 
China. Ho's beautiful loft is behind us.

David, Li-Yi Wan, myself and two South International Loft Managers at the big show in Beijing. Our booth was first class all the way, all photos and signs were back lighted, etc.
Li runs a class act!

Having dinner with my good friend Mr. Chung. Here I am having a toast with his daughter. Toasting is a very big Chinese tradition, normally its beer or wine, and they will
do this all night long!

Shown in Photo: (1) Race Loft (2) Breeding Loft (3) Holding Pen (4) Office Building (5) Reception Building for Visitors (6) Guest House For Visitors. Not Shown in Photo: Stuart's House, Jimmy's House, Workers Living Quarters, Kitchen and Cafeteria, Storage Building, Entrance with 
Guard Building.

Stuart Chu, Jimmy Lee, both originally from Taiwan, and myself at their beautifull Evergreen Loft, Beijing, China. Photos taken during construction December 2000.

One of the natural old bird race team section

10 foot cement wall encircles entire complex, view as seen from the main road, landscaping is partially completed.

Young bird side of race loft, race observation
room, old bird race sections and other side of observation room.

View of breeding loft as seen from young bird loft, each section has its own full size aviary.

Right side of race lofts for old birds, young birds will be on left side.

Stuart Chu standing by old bird section door. Note double doors, solid with windows or screen door.

Photo of Evergreen Loft, China when completed. Breeding Loft in rear (can not be seen), is larger than the race lofts shown here, most beautiful racing/breeding loft in Biejing.

Sampson Brothers auction at Tainan, Taiwan. Note the average young age of the fanciers.



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