The Pigeons
John started keeping pigeons in 1967, his first pigeons came from his Uncle, they were of the famous Morris Gordon long distance family. These hard weather, long distance pigeons were best from 400 to 600 miles, but lacked the speed to win at other distances. John found himself winning more Average Speed championships but less races. At the time there were only 3 races each year over 300 miles.

John wanted to race more competitive in all the races so he brought in some Janssen's, and in 1985 he introduced some very good Desmet Mathys from Willy Vanhoutte that excelled at middle distance. The later additions now make up about 80% of Sampson Brothers loft today.

He was able to mold these into a family that excels from 200 to 500 miles, fast or slow, and can also win at shorter and longer distances, and do. They are excellent in head winds and have proven to race very well over the Ocean and Mountains.

They keep about 25 pair of breeders, 36 Widowhood cocks and 100 Young birds. Both sexes are raced hard as Young birds and only the best young Cocks are kept, the best young Hens are moved to the Breeder loft or paired to the best Widowhood cocks. They have tried racing hens as old birds in the past, but find their best results come with traditional Widowhood, cocks only.

The Future
Because Mr. Sampsonís regular business keeps him very busy now he has decided to scale down his pigeon activity in the future. Last year, he visited China and Taiwan on four different occasions and several trips to Europe. He is very happy his pigeons have allowed him World renowned recognition and travel but feels now he would rather spend more time at home, racing and tending to family and business. Future travel will be limited and more concentration will be spent on racing and breeding.

John hopes that in the future his sons can take over his business and he can devote all of his time to racing and breeding his pigeons. His very capable son David will eventually take the reigns of the loft allowing John more time to resume his love for travel to Asia and Europe.

Mr. Sampsonís pigeons have given him a very full and rewarding life allowing him to have many friends around the world. What he enjoys most is the fact that we are all Brothers, no matter what our walk in life may be, be it Laborer, Bank President, Young or Old, we all have a common bond and respect for each other.


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