The Light and Dark of Young Bird Racing

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The light system is easy, just put your birds in the light, sit back and win races. If you believe this, donít buy this video, fooling with the lights, if not done properly, can be dangerous and ruin your season.

Our Light System is easy to follow but you must be exact, This video shows you the correct system. Over one year to produce, acclaimed by many as the best pigeon video they have seen. Takes you thru the complete year.

Are you getting beat with young birds that look and feel like old birds every week, while yours look like rags? Getting beat by 6 or 8 pigeons every race, by the same loft ? Especially when the big money races come.

Order this video and be prepared to put yourself in the winners circle.

At the 1994 AU Convention race Sampson Brothers showed about 50 European and American fanciers, that were at his loft, how good their system is. They not only won 1st and 2nd, but put 7 in the top 10 in this very difficult race. In 1993 Sampson Brothers set a new World record by winning 1st thru 9th positions New England Open 300 Vs 4869 pigeons, 10 minutes ahead.

Not even in Europe has a feat like this been accomplished with this amount of pigeons competing.

In this video they tell all: How they won the first 9 positions in the New England Open. How they control the molt and why. Vitamin and medication system with schedules. Why early bred youngsters are preferred. How they motivate their young birds: Separated team and young widowhood cock teams, Tricks for both systems. Training and racing methods. Light vs. Dark systems and why they both work, advantages and disadvantages. Loft design, heating the loft, when and why. Special question and answer section, most frequently asked questions and answers.


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