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Sampson Brothers is actually a father and son team. For many years it was John alone, then John flew partners with his cousin Bob Sampson, present day it is John and his son David. John has three sons but only David has shown great interest in the pigeons.

Although Johnís success was always on a Champion level since 1967, many feel the present day team with his son has brought them to their highest level. They are considered one of the best racing/breeding lofts in all America today.  We are also affiliated With Sampson Brothers Landscape and Irrigation.  If you found this site by mistake, click here.

Every year they have many visitors from Europe, Asia and other parts of the World to see the pigeons that have made Sampson Brothers World famous.

European fanciers from Holland and Belgium visiting Sampson Brothers Loft to watch a race

To view any of the 5 Champion Birds in the picture below click on their name.
Champion 065  -  Yonge Zot  -  Champion 016  -  2 Second Cock  -  Champion 420


Sampson Brothers specialize in Middle to Long Distance racing, their favorite races are the New England Opens (300 to 600 miles)

In the early years until 1992 they specialized in Long Distance racing, in 1992 they decided to concentrate more in Young bird racing, where the bigger prize money is in America. They never changed their pigeons to do this and set a new World record in Young bird racing in 1993 by winning positions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Vs 4869 pigeons. To view the 1st nine New England Open Winners "The Dream Team" click here!

When they started to specialize in Young bird racing they worried about their Old Bird results but found their Old birds continue to race well and maybe even better now. They win many National Awards every year and continue to set themselves apart from the competition.

Note from John
I hope you enjoy my Website, I have tried to make it simple, yet interesting and easy to move around in. I have tried to keep it from being too commercial, but do sell a few pigeons. Feel free to contact us on pricing of any Pigeons for sale if you like. If you have any suggestions or comments on our Website, donít hesitate to let us know, we have waited several years to take this step and value all opinions.

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